We are proud members (supplier members) of the

OACFP  Ontario Association of Cemetery and Funeral Professionals

OACFP ontaro association of cemetery funeral professionals and memorial photos booth

This is the banner on OACFP where we are a member.

Meaning our tiles are made for the cemetery and head stone industry.

We make two types of tiles, that will solve all your keep in memory needs.

One is the actual thin porcelain head stone tiles we have listed here, and they are made and cut and polished to cemetery specifications.

The 2nd is our outdoor tiles. They are thicker (about 3/8″) where as the actual memorial tiles are thin like 1/8 and tapered edges also.

So these outdoor tiles are cut so the edges are not as nice, but can be used in all kinds of outdoor situations like park bench (some folks want a memorial tile plaque place there). Also just to have by the grave side or outdoor where the ashes were scattered.  Some folks bury their dog or cat or pet in the backyard or have ashes buried also, these outdoor tiles are less expensive than the typical memorial tiles and would work fine.

Call to order or for questions 1 855 410 8797

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